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Pharmapack 2022

May 18th-19th 2022
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Crafting circular materials for life-enhancing solutions.

Covestro returns to Pharmapack 2022 to connect with medtech engineers, industry leaders, and innovative thinkers to share valuable insights about how we’re crafting circular and climate neutral medical material solutions for life enhancing applications in the healthcare industry.

Visit our booth B62 in Hall 7.2 to learn more about our newest and sustainable material solutions and see how our dedicated polycarbonates and films could support your applications.



Drug delivery concept

 With our newest drug delivery demonstrator we bring new levels of performance and sustainability to the medical device market with an all-polycarbonate  based device. The drug-delivery demonstration device uses four different medical-grade polycarbonate solutions. High flow medical Makrolon® and Bayblend® materials allow for thin-walled designs that reduce weight while maintaining toughness. Components of the demonstrator can also be made with medical Makrolon® RE, which maintains the traditional quality while incorporating attributed renewable content resulting in a low carbon footprint. Here you find the concept which combines our newest products in a sustainable manner.  

Wearable technology: convergence of healthcare and consumer electronics matched with trend colors

As healthcare technology gets more sophisticated and personalized, the boundaries between medical devices and consumer electronics are becoming blurred.
At Covestro we’re exploring the consequences of this trend by combining both fresh designs, more sustainable material choices and trend colors for the healthcare industry. Talk to our experts at booth B62 to find out more.

API containers and medical packaging material solutions

One of our newest material applications is made for containers used for the transportation and storage of high-value bulk materials in pharmaceutical production, for so-called active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Visit us at our booth B62 and take a look at our latest API material Makrolon® 3638.
Besides API medical containers, Covestro also offers Makrofol® MA507 and MA336 transparent medical-grade polycarbonate films for high-value sterilization breast implants packaging in surgical settings. 
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Drug Delivery

  • Case study

    Drug delivery 

    Covestro’s new line of healthcare-grade products — including Medical low friction Makrolon®, Medical glass filled Makrolon®, high flow Makrolon®, and Bayblend® — bring new levels of performance and sustainability to the medical device market with an all-polycarbonate device.

  • Case study

    Needle-free injection Systems

    PharmaJet’s Needle-free Injection Systems (NFIS) needed a polycarbonate material that could meet the property demands of the syringe and vial adapter while standing up to gamma radiation and ethylene oxide sterilization. Makrolon® was the answer.

  • Case study

    Pirouette Medical auto-injector

    Makrolon® 2458 polycarbonate meets design, manufacturing and end-use needs.

  • Story

    The future of drug delivery is now

    We’re pushing boundaries with our drug delivery concept that delivers needed comfort, dose accuracy, patient adherence and reliability.

  • Story

    Introducing a new portfolio of low friction polycarbonates

    Low Friction Makrolon® delivers smoother dosage of pharmaceuticals to your drug delivery device, while improving control and reliability for the patient or healthcare professional.

Wearable Technology

  • Story

    Managing Healthcare with Consumer Electronics

    Covestro explores the combination of both style and reliability in consumer healthcare devices.

  • Case study

    Embr Wave

    Light-optimized Makrolon® supports first ever thermal wearable

  • Case study

    Resiliency and balance

    Tough and chemical-resistant Makroblend® M525 PC+polyester blend helps create the durable yet lightweight Apollo wearable.

Medical PC and TPU material solutions

  • Application


    Specialized medical-grade polycarbonates and blends for critical devices used during surgical procedures.

  • Story

    When only strong will do

    Introducing a new portfolio of medical glass-filled polycarbonates.

  • Story

    Design meets function with healthcare patch prototypes made with Covestro materials

    Covestro materials help meet patients’ requirements for lightweight, flexible and fashionable patches

Drug Storage and Medical Packaging

  • Story

    Medical packaging made with Makrofol® for breast implants.

    Makrofol® film for medical applications enables transparent, robust packaging for breast implants and is compatible with high-temperature sterilization processes

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