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This neighborhood is dedicated to exploring how new materials are enhancing our everyday lives and lifestyles, while adding more sustainable performance along the way.
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Take a digital walk through fascinating 3D exhibits with insightful expert videos, explaining concrete case studies, application areas and future potential, from partially bio-based coatings to reusable wearable smart patches. Enjoy an insightful array of product information downloads and watch for deep-dive Insight talks showcasing products and solutions that are taking more sustainable living to the next level.

Experience the sustainability possibilities of Bayhydur® quix in our virtual exhibit

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  • Expert Video Bayhydur® quix Stuhl

    Fast-drying Bayhydur® quix: low VOC technology for high-quality water-based

  • Expert Video Desmomelt® U Shoe (Digital Printing)

    Desmomelt® U: Digitally printed adhesives in footwear

  • Video Smart wearable patch

    Design meets function with wearable smart patches

  • Case study

    Low VOC water-based coatings with reduced carbon footprint

    Bayhydur® quix hardener enabled Hesse to develop a high performance, fast curing, low VOC water-based coating with up to 60% less CO₂ emissions than standard solvent-based coatings.

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Bayhydrol® U furniture coatings
Whitepaper Bayhydur® quix
Impranil® eco bio based dispersions
Bayhydur® eco bio-based hardener

Discover more about our acquisition of the Resins and Functional Materials business from DSM and how you can benefit from this powerful coming together of experience, expertise, and vision.

Brighter Together: Acquiring DSM Resins & Functional Materials

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Construction & Infrastructure

Building better cities to live in, inspired by circular ways of working.

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Enabling more mobility with less environmental impact.

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See how we’re wrapping packaging in more sustainable solutions

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