Risk Characterization

A process for the characterization of product risks based on information collected on hazards, intended uses, and exposures associated with the stages of a product’s lifecycle.
  • Covestro has an internal process that outlines evaluation and communication of the potential risk of Covestro products through the development of risk communication documents to meet our commitments under Responsible Care®, Global Product Strategy (GPS), and the Covestro internal Core Process for Product Stewardship. As part of Covestro’s product stewardship program, products are evaluated and health and safety information is prepared, including Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and product labels, which are prepared in compliance with the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200).
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for our products can be found at
  • Covestro produces information on the safe use and handling of our products. All guidance and information documents can be found here:
  • If further questions or information is needed, please reach out to us directly at:

Product Safety Code – Other Management Practices

  • Product safety management

    A process to identify, implement, document and communicate health, safety and environmental measures to manage risk so that products can be safely used for their intended purposes.

  • Management of new information

    A process to identify and evaluate new information that may trigger changes to risk characterizations and product safety management actions. Such triggers include significant new product safety and stewardship information, including hazard, use and exposure information.

  • Product design and improvement

    A process that considers health, safety and environmental impacts in the innovation, design, development, and improvement of products, their manufacture, and uses.

  • Value chain communication, cooperation and outreach

    Processes to work with suppliers, customers and other value chain participants to foster product safety management and information exchange along the value chain, commensurate with risk.

  • Information sharing

    Publicly available product safety and stewardship information.

  • Performance assessment and continuous improvement

    Routine monitoring and assessment of product safety and stewardship, with processes in place to drive continuous performance improvement and implement corrective actions when needed.

  • Accountability and management

    Clearly established organizational accountability for product safety and stewardship. Product safety and stewardship are integral to business processes and employee expectations.

  • Prioritization of products

    A risk-based process that considers available hazard and exposure information to prioritize products in need of further evaluation.

  • Leadership commitment

    Senior leadership commitment to a culture of product safety and stewardship. Each company’s senior leadership demonstrates clear commitment through their words, policies and actions throughout their organization and in external communications.

  • Product information

    A process to develop and maintain information on safety, health and environmental hazards, intended uses and exposures for new and existing products to support risk characterization and product safety management.

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