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Baymedix® AP536

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  • Aliphatisches Polyisocyanat
  • Reaktives System
  • Polyisocyanat


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Allgemeine Charakterisierung

Aliphatic polyisocyanate (low-viscosity HDI trimer).


- Storage in original sealed Covestro container.

- Recommended storage temperature: 0 - 30 °C.

- Protect from moisture, heat and foreign material.

General information: The product is sensitive to moisture and will react with water to form carbon dioxide and insoluble ureas. The containers must always be kept tightly closed. Water in any form (moist air, water-containing solvents, wet containers) must be prevented from gaining access. A dangerous build-up of pressure can occur through the generation of carbon dioxide.
Storage at higher temperatures will result in increase of color and viscosity. Storage at significant lower temperatures will result in solidification. This solidification is reversible by briefly heating the product without adversely affecting the quality of the product.


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Technische Eigenschaften & Datenblätter

Genannte Eigenschaften Merkmale

Name der Eigenschaft Prüfverfahren Einheit Wert
Viscosity at 23 °C M014-ISO 3219/A.3 mPa*s 1,200 ± 300
NCO content M105-ISO 11909 % 23.0 ± 0.5
Monomeric HDI M106-ISO 10283 % ≤ 0.09
Color value (Hazen) M017-EN 1557 ≤ 40

Genannte Eigenschaften Spezifikation

Name der Eigenschaft Prüfverfahren Einheit Wert
Density at 20 °C DIN EN ISO 2811 g/ml approx. 1.16
Flash point DIN 53213/1 °C approx. 158
Equivalent weight approx. 183


Technisches Datenblatt
Kein direkter Download verfügbar, bitte besuchen Sie www.productsafetyfirst.covestro.com