Distribution Safety

Covestro distribution safety experts define, interpret and communicate procedures and guidelines for the safe distribution of its materials.

Covestro distribution safety principles

  • Covestro will develop, implement, maintain and monitor training programs which will ensure that its employees and logistics service providers are fully informed of the corporation's safe material handling and regulatory requirements.
  • Covestro is committed to working with all parts of the distribution network (customers, carriers, freight forwarders, warehouses, shippers and vendors) to assist in their safe handling efforts for Covestro materials.
  • Covestro works with logistics service providers to promote awareness of Covestro safety guidelines and conducts audits to assess each service provider's safety programs and compliance with Covestro requirements and industry regulations.
  • Covestro provides feedback to service providers regarding non-conformance, assists in the development of improvement plans and then monitors plan implementation.
  • Covestro selects packaging for its materials which meet all regulatory requirements. Further, Covestro will continually strive to use packages that provide containment of contents and, where possible, can be recycled, reused, or disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Covestro maintains a corporate emergency response plan.

Emergency response consultation

A service that provides 24-hour emergency response assistance concerning Covestro products involved in incidents during transportation, storage or use.

This document describes the process by which Covestro receives and communicates incidents from CHEMTREC involving Covestro products while in transportation and/or at a customer location.

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