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June 21st – 23rd 2022
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Abrafati 2022!

At Abrafati, we explored tried and tested materials for multiple industries. We also showcased more circular solutions thanks to our expanded RFM (resins and functional materials) portfolio. With more sustainable coatings and adhesives, the future is looking brighter than ever before!

From City of Sustainnovation to Status Next

In our City of Sustainnovation, we showed you how our long-running expertise in multiple industries brings sustainable innovations thanks to high performing materials that your customers rely on. But to truly stand out in the market, you also need to stay one step ahead of the competition with the latest innovations. That’s why we work with you to look towards the future and discover the next big thing. Together, we can develop the materials that help you take bold steps in your industry and in the world at large, with applications that ultimately create a brighter future for all.

Creating tomorrow’s solutions, together

At Covestro, we combine partnership and innovation to create inspiring visions – and back them up with concrete solutions. With a proven track record in performance and productivity, our materials enable partners across the value chain to challenge the status quo and develop hands-on solutions to shape the sustainable transition.

Of course, providing more sustainable raw materials for coatings, adhesives, print, and packaging takes teamwork! So we work closely with you and other partners along the value chain to create the more sustainable solutions you need to address key global challenges.

Joining forces for circular innovations

At Abrafati, we introduced you to all the benefits coming from our acquisition of the Resins & Functional Materials (RFM) business.
In joining together with RFM, we’ve combined our company know-how and competencies to offer a wider and more diverse product and service portfolio.

The acquisition brings with it numerous advantages for our customers. Both our companies have extensive and complementary research pipelines offering more access to brighter solutions and an accelerated time to market. The combination of complementary fields of expertise will also accelerate product and digital innovation for more business growth within the circular economy. Plus, streamlined supply processes and an expanded global production network increase the proximity to our customers in all key markets.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Abrafati! If you’d like to explore more on our solutions, check out the links to our stories and products below.

General brochures

Polyisocyanates and prepolymers
Polyols and Aspartics for Reaction with Polyisocyanates
Ultra line

Construction, architectural & infrastructure brochures

Pasquick polyaspartics
Desmodur eco BL
Decorative resins solutions brochure
Corrosion protection
Building and protection

Printing & packaging brochures

Flexible packaging

Furniture brochures

Impranil eco bio based dispersions
Bayhydur quix
Bayhydrol U furniture coatings

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