Product stewardship contacts in the United States

U.S. customers and distributors with health or safety related questions can contact Covestro LLC by phone or by e-mail for assistance:

Transportation Emergency

Call CHEMTREC: +1 800-424-9300
International: +1 703-527-3887

Non-Transportation Emergency

Emergency Phone: Call CHEMTREC
Information Phone: +1 844-646-0545

Product Safety

Tim Feeley
Global and U.S. Product Safety First Manager


Tina Derbish
Phone: +1 412-413-2835

Transport & Logistics Safety

Rebecca Cernick
Senior Manager – Transport & Logistics Safety

Phone: +1 412-413-2140
DG Regulatory compliance, transportation risk assessment, carrier and third party provider approvals, bulk safety and handling

Chad Blake
Manager – Emergency Response

Phone: +1 412-413-5831
Transportation emergency response, carrier and third party provider approvals, bulk safety and handling

Eric Yeh
Manager First Bulk Delivery Program – Transport & Logistics Safety

Phone: +1 412-413-2824
Bulk safety and handling, tank farm assessments

Sara Drnjevich
Manager – Regulatory Compliance

Phone: +1 412-413-2143
DG Regulatory compliance, DG training, transportation classifications

Product Compliance Information

Rick Siergiej

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Requests

Phone: +1 412-413-2835
Fax: +1 412-413-7484

General Information

1 Covestro Circle
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Phone: +1 844-646-0545

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