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Allgemeine Charakterisierung

Desmodur E 30700 is an aliphatic ester groups containing prepolymer based on hexamethylene-1,6-diisocyanate (HDI).
It is suitable for use as a hardener for solvent-free polyurethane coatings.


Desmodur E 30700 should be stored in tightly sealed original containers and protected from moisture, heat, and foreign materials. The product is sensitive to moisture and should therefore be stored in tightly sealed containers. Storage at elevated temperatures will lead to an increase in viscosity and a reduction of the NCO content. Recommended storage temperature is 10º-30ºC.
Storage at low temperature - below 10°C - may lead to turbidity and crystalline separation. By careful heating up to a maximum of 50 °C the product can usually be melted again. Afterwards the product has to be homogenized.


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Technische Eigenschaften & Datenblätter

Genannte Eigenschaften Merkmale

Name der Eigenschaft Prüfverfahren Einheit Wert
NCO content % approx. 11
Monomer content % < 0.3
Viscosity at 23 °C mPa∙s approx. 1,350

Genannte Eigenschaften Spezifikation

Name der Eigenschaft Prüfverfahren Einheit Wert
NCO equivalent weight g approx. 380
Density at 20 °C g/cm^3 approx. 1.11
Flash point °C approx. 184


Technisches Datenblatt
Kein direkter Download verfügbar, bitte besuchen Sie www.productsafetyfirst.covestro.com

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