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Bayhydrol® UV 2689/2

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wasserbasiert, hochfunktional

Allgemeine Charakterisierung

Bayhydrol UV 2689/2 is an anionic, UV-curable polyurethane dispersion.
Bayhydrol UV 2689/2 is used in the formulation of industrial waterborne UV clear and pigmented coatings. Main applications are plastic coatings (e.g mobile phones) and wood coatings.
Before UV curing the surface of dried films is soft and slightly tacky. After UV-cure the coatings are hard with high chemical and mechanical resistance. The product is suitable to achieve high gloss coatings.


Bayhydrol UV 2689/2 should be stored in tightly sealed original containers and protected from intense radiation (light, UV), freezing, heat, and foreign materials. The product is sensitive to freezing. Freezing will damage the product irreversibly. Prolonged storage at higher temperatures may result in an increase of average particle size, risk of sedimentation, risk of pH-drift and ultimately coagulation. Recommended storage temperature is 5º-30ºC.


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Technische Eigenschaften & Datenblätter

Name der Eigenschaft Prüfverfahren Einheit Wert
Viscosity D=40s^-1 mPa∙s < 1,000
Non-volatile content (1g / 1h / 125^oC,convection oven) % by weight 40.0 - 44.0
pH 7.0 - 8.5

Name der Eigenschaft Prüfverfahren Einheit Wert
Pendulum hardness s 190
Double rubs ethanol (50) Unchanged
Double rubs acetone (10) Unchanged
Pencil hardness H < 1
Double rubs petrol (50) Unchanged


Technisches Datenblatt
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