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Covestro’s coatings and adhesives solutions are here to help protect and enhance our interior and exterior environments. From wood to plastic, our products help professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike enrich a wide range of paints, coatings, and construction materials. Plus, they go beyond the status quo to help you achieve new levels of circularity, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

From constructive work to bespoke coating solutions

Today, we spend most of our time inside buildings – but how do we look after the materials and structures that keep us warm, dry, and safe? At Covestro, we’re committed to creating solutions that both protect these environments, and our collective environment: the earth.

Our coatings and adhesives solutions enrich paints, coatings, and construction materials for a wide variety of surfaces: from wood and stone to metal, concrete, plastics, and more. They enable next-level architectural and construction elements, helping to create more sustainable, beautiful, functional interiors and exteriors for businesses, homes, and public spaces.

These solutions can withstand the harshest outdoor conditions and interior wear and tear. What’s more, they help our customers keep pace with increasingly stringent sustainability and health and safety regulations, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible today.

Futureproofing your applications

From partly plant-based wall paint resins to productivity-boosting floor coating solutions, our solutions help you achieve next-level circularity, productivity, and regulatory compliance in your architectural and construction applications.

Driving circularity with plant-based ingredients
Circularity and sustainability are part of how we perceive a structure’s look and functionality. And, given the growing effects of climate change, these characteristics are increasingly important. At Covestro, we have an important role to play in developing materials for architectural and construction applications that put circularity at their core. For instance, our Decovery® resins with up to 52% plant-based content for interior and exterior wall and floor coatings. And it's our Next goal to enable structures and interior elements with circularity embedded throughout, driven by fruitful partnerships that put circular design at the heart of our solutions.

Powering productivity with innovative technologies
In an increasingly fast-paced world, productivity is more important than ever. And to efficiently produce materials for powerful architectural and construction applications, you need the right raw materials. We have extensive experience in providing materials to enable faster, easier production. For example, our Pasquick® floor-coating solutions can help you save time and money through reduced coating layers, faster curing, and a longer pot life. And our Next solutions go even further, considering the whole architectural and construction market to meet your application’s specific needs.

Keeping you ahead of the regulatory curve
Regulations around sustainability, safety, and health are always evolving. We can help you keep pace with our solutions – such as our Pasquick® floor-coating resins that enhance safety standards. With these Next solutions, plus technical expertise you can rely on, you can stay one step ahead of the game.

We’ve got you covered

  • Greater circularity

    Greater circularity

    Achieve next-level circularity and reduce your environmental impact with bio-based feedstocks, safer ingredients, and more efficient production.

  • Enhanced productivity

    Enhanced productivity

    Save time and money with formulation optimizations that help you create stunning, durable results while simplifying your production process.

  • Beyond regulatory compliance

    Beyond regulatory compliance

    While buildings should be made to last, regulations need to move with the times to keep everyone safe. Our products help you stay ahead of the curve.


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  • Topic

    Circular Economy

    From sustainable growth to circular breakthroughs: we’re constantly striving to embed circularity in future applications right from the beginning of the production process.

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