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Manufacturers, builders, contractors, and painters increasingly need to do more with less. With multifunctional solutions that are quicker and easier to apply, reduce process steps, or require fewer materials, we help these end-users save valuable time and resources. As a Next step, we aim to enhance efficiency even further across the entire process.

From multifunctionality to enhanced efficiency

Downtime, long process times, and user-friendliness are key challenges in architectural and construction applications. Within the architectural segment, paints and coatings are typically applied manually – and increasingly, by DIY painters. And in construction, builders and contractors need to ensure minimal out-of-use time in complex large-scale projects – particularly those in high-traffic commercial areas, such as car parks or shopping malls.

At Covestro, we aim to minimize process times – and make life easier for our customers and end-users – by offering multifunctional solutions designed for easy application. And we also support our customers to implement these solutions into their production process, so that they can achieve great results the very first time.

For our Next step, we aim to help reduce process and application times even further, across the whole value chain. By working to understand your processes, we can create smart new materials, formulations, and technologies that drop in easily to your existing production systems and value chain, and simplify your processes even further. All while delivering the same stunning, durable results, in homes, offices, and beyond.

A growing need for high-performance solutions

It’s no surprise that painters, builders, and consumers want their coatings to offer high-performance properties such as stain, scrub, scratch, and scuff resistance. These properties enable asset owners to avoid multiple renovations and downtime. And performance is also important in helping less experienced end-users to achieve the properties they want – particularly in the architectural segment’s growing DIY market.

By delivering products designed to be ‘fail-safe’ with lower application times, we can help you and your customers achieve the same high performance in less time. For instance, our NeoCryl® HP-4200 resin enables end-users to cover stains without multiple layers – while still offering good scrub resistance and pigment tolerance. And our Pasquick® coating technology cures up to eight times faster than standard systems, while delivering the same protection as conventional systems.

Scarcity of time is driving functionality & efficiency

Whether renovating or creating new constructions, builders and contractors need to ensure minimal downtime so that people can use these spaces again as quickly as possible.

Our solutions can support this demand by offering multi-functionality – whether that’s because they work on multiple substrates, in multiple conditions, fulfill multiple functions, or remove production steps. Take our Pasquick® floor-coating solutions, which cure up to eight times faster than standard systems and enable fewer coating layers, or our NeoCryl® HP-5081 resin, which blocks both stains and smell.

Unique emotive and sensory experiences are more important than ever

Demand for unique emotive and sensory experiences – particularly natural-look, ultra-matte wood floor coatings – is growing. Solutions like our Decovery® SP-2022 resins help ensure that these finishes can still be achieved productively, thanks to its fast-drying formulation.

Sustainability is in full market adoption mode

Safer, more sustainable architectural & construction solutions are becoming a must – particularly given the upcoming European Green Deal, growing concerns around indoor air pollution, and the high CO2 footprint of concrete. The right materials and technologies should enable customers to transition to low-emission solutions without compromising productivity or performance.

We support this need by offering partly bio-based solutions, such as our Decovery® SP-2022 floor-coating resins, or drop-in solutions to help our customers upgrade their portfolios, like our Desmodur® ultra-line products with less than 0.1% residual monomer content.

And, by enabling you to do more with less, productivity-enhancing solutions can also help reduce environmental impact too! By delivering solutions that require fewer coating layers, last longer, and can be applied correctly first time, we can help your end-users save both time and materials.

Key drivers for Status Next productivity in Architectural & Construction

  • High-performance solutions

    High-performance solutions

    With protective solutions that work faster and last longer, you can achieve the same high performance in a shorter time.

  • Functionality & efficiency

    Functionality & efficiency

    Solutions that drive productivity can help you save time and meet the growing need for increased functionality and efficiency.

  • Unique emotive & sensory experiences

    Unique emotive & sensory experiences

    Productivity-enhancing solutions can make it easier to deliver on the demand for new emotive and sensory experiences

  • Sustainability in market adoption mode

    Sustainability in market adoption mode

    Solutions that allow you to do more with less can also help reduce your environmental impact.

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