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Desmodur® VH 20 N

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lösemittelfrei, flexibel, elastisch, hart

Allgemeine Charakterisierung

Polyisocyanate based on diphenylmethane diisocyanate.
In combination with polyols to formulate two-component coatings and sealing compounds and to manufacture prepolymers.


- Storage in original sealed Covestro container.

- Recommended storage temperature: 10 - 30 °C.

- Protect from moisture, heat and foreign material.

General information: The product is sensitive to moisture and should therefore be stored in its sealed original containers. Storage at higher temperatures may result in an increase in viscosity and at lower temperatures in the formation of crystalline deposits. The crystals can be remelted by heating the product gently. Warning If the recommended storage temperature is exceeded for a long period (especially if the temperature of the product rises to above 50 °C), or if the recommended shelf life is exceeded, or if the product comes in contact with water or bases such as amines, alkalis or metal compounds, a chemical reaction may take place. In addition to a reduction in the NCO content and an increase in viscosity, carbon dioxide in particular may be generated. The resultant increase in pressure may cause the containers to swell or burst. Consequently, if the product is mixed with other components or processed into a prepolymer, it is advisable to check the shelf life of the mixture or prepolymer.


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Technische Eigenschaften & Datenblätter

Genannte Eigenschaften Merkmale

Name der Eigenschaft Prüfverfahren Einheit Wert
NCO MDI-01-01 % 24.5 ± 0.5
Viscosity 25 °C MDI-01-02 mPa*s 280 ± 80

Genannte Eigenschaften Spezifikation

Name der Eigenschaft Prüfverfahren Einheit Wert
Equivalent weight 173
Flash point DIN EN ISO 2719 °C approx. 195
Density at 20 °C DIN EN ISO 2811-2 g/ml approx. 1.21


Technisches Datenblatt
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