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Allgemeine Charakterisierung

Bayhydrol XP 2637 is a an ionic/non-ionic polycarbonate ester polyurethane dispersion.
Bayhydrol XP 2637 is a solvent-free polyurethane dispersion which can be used to formulate coatings that harden at room temperature or baking coatings. It allows coating of a wide variety of substrates ranging from hard ones to flexible ones such as leather, textiles, plastics and metals.
Coatings formulated with Bayhydrol XP 2637 exhibit high scratch resistance and lightfastness. Other benefits of Bayhydrol XP 2637 are good aging stability and very good hydrolysis resistance.


Bayhydrol XP 2637 should be stored in tightly sealed original containers and protected from freezing, heat, and foreign materials. The product cannot be used if it has been frozen. The containers must be well closed to prevent the evaporation of water which may result in the formation of a non-redispersible film. Brief heating to maximum 50°C has no adverse effect on product properties. Recommended storage temperature is 5º-40ºC.


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Technische Eigenschaften & Datenblätter

Genannte Eigenschaften Merkmale

Name der Eigenschaft Prüfverfahren Einheit Wert
Viscosity at 23°C, D = approx. 40s^-1 mPa∙s ≤ 750
Non-volatile content (1g/1h/125^oC) % 38 - 42
pH value 6.5 - 8.5

Genannte Eigenschaften Spezifikation

Name der Eigenschaft Prüfverfahren Einheit Wert
Density at 23°C g/ml approx. 1.1


Technisches Datenblatt
Kein direkter Download verfügbar, bitte besuchen Sie www.productsafetyfirst.covestro.com

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