From constructive work to bespoke coating solutions

Today, our materials are shaping the way your environment looks, feels, and works. These materials combine efficient production with high performance for sturdy buildings, beautiful interiors, and a vibrant architectural and construction sector.

Our next aim is to drive next-level construction and architectural elements, enabling beautiful powerhouses and functional interiors for public and private sectors. Increased efficiency, smart concepts, tailored offerings, and more circular coating solutions will provide your building blocks for a brighter future.

“A successful architectural and construction industry is one in which efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand.”

Contardo Pafumi

Marketing Manager Construction

Challenge: Standing the test of time

Coatings for buildings, and the decorative elements within them, face several challenges when it comes to standing the test of time. Exterior structures need to withstand harsh conditions and long-term use so they remain strong and functional even after decades. Meanwhile, interior elements must be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. At the same time, all these features need to maintain an attractive appearance that makes people feel at home – inside and out.

As well as supporting these aims, architectural and construction coatings also have to keep up with ever-increasing demands and regulations around sustainability and health. And the sector must address these demands in dialog with a range of stakeholders. These include governments, NGOs, architects and construction companies, designers and painters, and the general public.

To create coatings that meet these demands, you need both reliable experience and knowledge of your markets, and the flexibility and inventiveness to develop novel solutions from scratch. 

Status: Top performance from floor to ceiling

From the floor and walls to ceilings, exterior to interior applications, and whether on wood, concrete, or metal: the right materials should merge durability, aesthetic appeal, health and safety, and sustainability. At Covestro, we provide solutions to address all these needs.
Our Pasquick® technology, for instance, saves both time and costs in concrete floor-coating or waterproofing projects. It delivers the same level of protection as conventional coatings but cures up to eight times faster than standard systems and is applied with the same equipment.

For interior and exterior wall-coating applications, particularly in wet rooms, our NeoCryl® resins are the material of choice. They offer good scrub and stain resistance, low water uptake, wet adhesion, exterior durability, and flexibility. The NeoCryl® portfolio also includes a range of resins for wood applications, such as deck stains and flooring coatings, high-gloss primers, and architectural paints. 

And when it comes to boosting sustainability across the architectural and construction industry, Decovery® is a great solution. These high-performance paint ingredients contain up to 52% plant-based content, which replaces part of the oil content in water-based paints. And not only are Decovery® resins made with renewable resources from plants, but they are also manufactured with renewable energy.

Complementing our high-tech materials offering, we also make our extensive expertise and a range of value-added services available to our customers and partners in the industry. Our Architectural team, for example, offers comprehensive regulatory and compliance support such as Sustainability Dialogs. And we also assist customers with choosing the right ingredients and techniques, paint guide formulations, and technical benchmarking.

Key drivers for the Status Next of Architectural & Construction

  • Sustainability on every level

    Sustainability on every level

    Sustainability needs to be a key building block for any architectural or construction application, particularly given increasingly tough coatings regulations.

  • Delivering the full package

    Delivering the full package

    Manufacturers of coatings for architectural and construction applications don’t just look for the right raw materials – they also look for technical expertise, shared dialogs, and practical tips to make the most of those materials.

  • Speeding up processes

    Speeding up processes

    Downtime and long process times are key challenges in architectural and construction applications – the right materials and technologies help you minimize them.

Next: Thinking big for tomorrow’s homes and cities

With an ever-growing world population and major ecological challenges, all architectural and construction players will need to make a joint effort to shape the sector’s future. We have to see the big picture, and we have to think big.

At Covestro, we’re already exploring Big Data, search behaviors, and stakeholder research to provide the market insights you need to come up with future-looking, more sustainable coating solutions that drive growth for your business.

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