The new digital blockchain technology helps us to understand the full environmental impact that companies are creating. Increased visibility as well as access to material and production information along the entire value chain is vital for any industry seeking to reduce its carbon footprint.

Transparency in the value chain

Increased transparency, collaboration and information sharing with business partners are all fundamental parameters for the development of a circular economy. With the implementation of blockchain, we’re proving more sustainability across circular value chains. The ability to identify, track and trace each component using blockchain technology opens up a new level of transparency and accountability. With it, we’re literally making supply chain sustainability visible.

We’re creating a virtual “digital twin” blockchain thread for each batch of material–a thread that extends throughout the value chain. This digital twin carries all relevant information regarding the batch, such as its origin, environmental footprint, statements of recycled content, processes and more. With blockchain, we, together with our customers, and partners can now seize new opportunities to close material loops.

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