Crafting Smart Designs

We aim for full circularity! Being in the middle of a bigger transformation process, we are bound to establish transparency throughout the value chain. Digitalization and Open Innovation enable us to connect expertise and develop new products and solutions.
The plastics industry is an integral part in the push towards Circular Economy. We want to cut plastic waste to reuse, recycle and evolve materials. For us, this is deeply connected to a change process and our own digital transformation. 
Discover some of our stories focusing on digital technologies and smart designs. Learn more about how we drive change with innovation, increase value and work on a digital transformation in chemical recycling.

From simulations to next generation connectivity – driving smart designs together

Imagine exploring design innovations, materials and their benefits with whole new technologies. There is more than just potential in digitalization – there is a real value and drive towards Circular Economy!

With virtual simulations, for example, we can visualize complex spaces and processes, make them easily accessible anywhere you want and contribute to a more sustainable future at the same time. 
Amongst other things we are exploring our take on blockchain technology as part of a new level of traceability. We’re looking for ways to reduce waste, bring materials back to the circle, track the information from cradle to cradle and ensure transparency up to the end consumer. We employ valuable data that already exists and just waits to be utilized as the base for a digital transformation. 
We showcase models and approaches to topics such as IoT devices and next generation connectivity which are essential applications for smart designs and intelligent cities in the future. Let’s dive deeper into the topics that drive our ambition and that enable us to move forward to a smarter future in the chemical industry.