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At this year’s High Security Printing EMEA 2022, Covestro showcased its specialty films for highly secure identification documents.
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Pushing boundaries in ID document innovations

The industry continues to leverage physical and digital identities with latest security features in creating citizen ID documents to help counter document counterfeiting and alteration threats. At the High Security Printing EMEA 2022, we showcased our latest polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane films that help create highly secure citizen identification documents.

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Specialty films enabling highly secure identification documents

Today’s identification documents need to be secure, robust, high quality and durable to last the citizen ID program validity period. Such identification document should have integrated security features and ideally incorporated in different stages of the document creation process. This can begin from the film substrate material itself and up to the actual document personalization process such as laser engraving.

At this year’s High Security Printing EMEA 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia, Covestro presented ‘Pushing boundaries in ID document innovations’ – advocating our innovative ID card and passport concepts including Makrofol® ID superlaser polycarbonate films, sophisticated clear window concepts leveraging thin white high opaque polycarbonate films, Makrofol® ID O.V.M color switching polycarbonate films and low fluorescence polycarbonate films.

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