New revolution in powder coatings: Flexible superdurable system

Tue, Sept 14, 2021 from 11:00-11:45 am CEST

In the past the combination of a high outdoor performance and a high flexibility for powder coatings was very difficult to reach. Now we have developed a new powder coating system based on a novel crystalline resin and optimized amorphous super durable resin that reached maximum impact resistance and has an outdoor performance beyond 3 years Florida exposure. It is the unique crystalline resin that gives this system the good performance, such as a high flexibility. But the use of a crystalline resin also comes with some challenges, such as the handling of the materials in production. The amorphous resin is optimized to use in combination with this crystalline resin. Giving it an optimal performance, and overcome the hurdles, due to the use of a crystalline resin.

Speaker: Robert van den BergJeths