Covestro Resins and Functional Material's Inkjet resin portfolio makes every drop count

Thu, Sept 16, 2021 from 3:00-3:45 pm CEST

Inkjet printing is a particularly fast-growing method of digital printing – with technology developments enabling safer, more sustainable options. In particular, inkjet inks can be formulated from low-VOC technologies, such as aqueous and 100%-radiation-curable – and can meet ever-higher safety and sustainability requirements, especially for food packaging. Of course, these advantages can’t be achieved without high-quality inkjet resin solutions. When it comes to digital printing ink, the resin is what makes every drop count. That’s why we’ve leveraged our extensive experience in inkjet printing technology to build a comprehensive portfolio of digital printing resin solutions for waterborne and energy-cured systems. Our portfolio of digital printing resins delivers all the must-have functional performance properties: enabling reliable printing, strong substrate adhesion, and good physical resistance against blocking and abrasion. What’s more, these resins have proven performance across the relevant substrates, and include products that comply with increasingly strict food contact compliance requirements. During this session the inkjet portfolio of Covestro Resins and Functional Materials will be presented.

Speakers: Paul Hönen, Durga Saggu & Jacqueline Revet