A new partly bio-based hardener for coil coating - Desmodur® eco BL 7175

Thu, Sep 16, 2021 from 1:00-1:45 pm CEST

In the last years, sustainability and circularity have been gaining more importance in the construction market. More stringent CO2 emissions reduction targets are being established which is influencing the selection and characteristics of materials utilized, such as pre-coated metal sheets. Despite considerable progresses in developing polyesters based on alternative raw materials, there are still hurdles to overcome to provide a coil coating system with an improved impact to the environment. In this Insight Talk, we would like to present Desmodur® eco BL 7175, our new partly bio-based thermally activated polyurethane hardener, to be used as reaction partner within 1K PU stoving systems. Interested? Join us to find out more on how this product delivers an increased performance in a more sustainable way specifically for coil coatings and potentially other adjacent applications.

Speakers: Bernadette Gerhartz-Quirin & Alonso Rondon Tello