Digital services for Baulé® machines
Webinar On-Demand

How to support your machine performance with our digital easy services

  • 29. Mar 2023 (CEST) Start: 29. Mar 9:00 AM End: 29. Mar 10:00 AM
  • English
Speakers: Mickaël Biscione and Romain Petit

Customer service is more than just providing answers. Therefore offering the best and closest service possible is what inspired us to create three dedicated services that would make industrial production easier. Designed around our Baulé® machines, the purpose of the Baulé® easy services, is to ensure that our customers’ production lines remain perfectly functional and that every potential factor of delay, finds its resolution in an easy and effective way. You may already have experienced our Baulé® easy parts service to choose, click and order spare parts online. We have further services to support your daily production:

  • Baulé® easy assist: remote and immediate process troubleshooting
  • Baulé® easy data: turn production data into manufacturing intelligence