Increasing productivity by automating production

  • 24. Apr 2024 Start: 24. Apr 4:00 PM End: 24. Apr 4:15 PM
  • Maastricht, The Netherlands MECC Maastricht, Auditorium One
  • English

In the cast polyurethane (PU) market which is always trying to optimise its efficiency, ie. increasing the productivity while limiting the costs, there are efficient proven solutions which allow to match this objective. In the field of cast PU elastomers machine processing, some are focussing on material preparation for production others are focussing on process efficiency thanks to automatization. This presentation will focus on process efficiency, introducing the different options (3-axis robot, flaming, etc…) to optimize the production process, their advantage and their limitation. The aim of this presentation is to share expertise and knowledge to the audience in order to help them making the right choice according to their needs.

Mickaël Biscione
Machines Business Manager, Covestro