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A conductor can shape music and create whole new, unique listening experiences, all by just defining and arranging the interplay of a wide variety of instruments. When it comes to foam, we give you the same possibilities. Let us inspire you with new ideas and a fresh approach that empowers you to create products and solutions tailored to your unique needs. We’ll provide the instruments that will make you the conductor of your own polyurethane masterpiece.
During this exclusive event, a handpicked group of industry leaders can look forward to our exhibition and eight carefully selected insight talks, including workshops, as well as one-to-ones with experts shaping the future of digitalization, innovation and sustainability in the polyurethane industry.
To foster in-depth discussions and meet your individual needs, we want to keep the circle for each event as exclusive as possible, so the number of participants is limited. We have identified a harmonious match between insight talk and participant and will be sending you personal invitations to the right insight talk for you. However, you can also ask to participate in other insight talk that could be of interest to you – feel free to send us a request and if a spot is available, we’ll happily send you an invite.

Join our last epic movement and prepare for a new future with a special keynote from Erick Smets and panel discussion with Covestro experts.

Get ready for the grand finale on 8th of November 2021.

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