Energy savings in cast PU processes

  • 23. Apr 2024 Start: 23. Apr 4:45 PM End: 23. Apr 5:00 PM
  • Maastricht, The Netherlands MECC Maastricht, Auditorium One
  • English

Facing an increase in energy costs, Europe's cast Polyurethane (PU) industry contends with increased manufacturing expenses, impacting overall competitiveness. Covestro addresses this by optimizing cast PU processes, aiding molders in cutting energy consumption. The project focuses on PU system selection, identifying key energy-intensive steps, creating casting guidelines, measuring mechanical properties, and quantifying energy savings. These modifications enable up to 60% reduction in energy usage. A tailored tool calculates daily energy and cost savings based on individual adjustments, supporting molders in achieving efficiency. Lowering equipment temperatures not only cuts costs but also improves environmental impact and safety conditions. Covestro's project presentation at the conference includes specific examples and a calculation tool for energy savings.

Manon Manaranche
Business Developer and Marketing Manager, Covestro