Covestro drives circular economy - solutions for low carbon polyurethanes

  • 24. Apr 2024 Start: 24. Apr 10:30 AM End: 24. Apr 11:00 AM
  • Maastricht, The Netherlands MECC Maastricht, Auditorium Two
  • English

For many years, polyurethane foams have been pivotal in reducing carbon emissions across diverse industries such as construction, appliances, and transportation. To address current environmental challenges, there is an imperative to further decrease carbon emissions, extending beyond the final products to include the polyurethane foam itself. This presentation will delve into strategies for transforming polyurethane foams, showcasing diverse approaches to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. By diminishing reliance on fossil-based resources, these methods aim to maintain the exceptional performance of polyurethane foams while contributing to a sustainable future.

Fernando Resende
Senior Marketing Manager Building & Construction, Covestro