Digital foam simulation: Recent advancements and use cases

  • 25. Apr 2024 Start: 25. Apr 12:15 PM End: 25. Apr 12:30 PM
  • Maastricht, The Netherlands MECC Maastricht, Auditorium Two
  • English

Covestro has leveraged its extensive expertise in chemical development and processing of polyurethane foam applications to develop in-house mathematical material models. These models, when combined with powerful computing capabilities, generate a digital representation of the future foaming process, known as a digital twin. By using this technology, our customers gain valuable insights into the material's processing behavior without the need for real experiments or trials. This enables early identification of production uncertainties during the design phase, allowing for cost-effective adjustments to the product and mold. We have already conducted successful initial testing and validation trials of the simulation software to meet various customer requirements. With this innovative simulation method, Covestro is now equipped to support customers in digitally verifying the foaming process in select applications.

Dennis Krause
Program Manager for the Global Foaming Simulation Technology, Covestro