Digital Circular Economy Days

RE-think Materials: RE-duce, RE-use, RE-cycle

Welcome to the Covestro Digital Circular Economy Days.

For us, to RE-think materials: RE-duce, RE-use and RE-cycle means following our philosophy of continually seeking and crafting more sustainable material solutions for becoming fully circular. These principles of circularity were at the center of our Digital Circular Economy Days. The aim of our digital highlight and expert talks on sustainable polycarbonate and polyurethane solutions was to actively engage with visitors, and to actively RE-think how sustainable plastic solutions can contribute to a more sustainable future.

If you are interested in the talks and outcomes on our common journey into a brighter and more sustainable future with more sustainable material solutions and even those which leave a low-to-zero-carbon footprint, register now to stream all expert talks.
Circularity demands new technologies, designs, material choices and their efficient use in saving precious resources, while reducing the long-term impact of CO₂ emissions. We at Covestro are continuously searching for innovations that contribute to the principles of RE-ducing, RE-using and RE-cycling of material solutions. During our Digital CE Days, we brought our latest solutions to your digital table! In case you missed it, the webinars are still online! Register now for more insights on circular drop-in solutions for polycarbonate and thermoplastics and RE-cycling processes for composite materials. Discover the solutions we can offer you today!

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