Driving forward with powder coatings

"Over the past few decades, Vepa has really stood out thanks to our drive to deliver sustainable value through our products," says Gertjan de Kam, Vepa's Design & Development Manager.
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"In recent times, the furniture market has become increasingly competitive – with more imports from abroad, for example. Against this backdrop, our partnership with Covestro came at the right time."
"Like many furniture manufacturers and designers across the world, we've looked to leverage powder coating technology to gain a competitive advantage, since it's been shown to improve the operational efficiency of coating application, the total environmental impact of the manufacturing process, and the aesthetic qualities of the final product. In short, powder coating technology has allowed us to unlock extra value." 

The right partnership for the right time

Like many other consumer-oriented markets, furniture design and manufacturing is undergoing significant changes, with people increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint and durability of the products they buy and use. "Over the past few decades, Vepa has really stood out thanks to our drive to deliver sustainable value through our products," says Gertjan. 

Powder coatings for wood and MDF substrates

Powder coating technology offers furniture manufacturers several important advantages. "Above all, this technology enables greater design freedom," says Gertjan. "As these coatings can even be applied on unusual shapes, edges, hollows and contours, they allow imaginative new substrate designs and semi-assemblies that could not easily be finished with liquid coatings, so the range of design possibilities is much greater." 

A more sustainable solution

Powder coating technology has also enabled Vepa to meet the increasing demand for furniture products that are eco-friendly and don't negatively impact the environment. "Covestro's proprietary technology has really driven the sustainability value of powder coatings," says Gertjan. "Our carbon footprint has been reduced because these powder coatings integrate a low-temperature bake and a no-water process." 


我们如何在标准“非导电”MDF 上喷涂粉末?

对于粉末应用,MDF 内的水分导电作用。占总重量 4-8% 的水分含量足以吸粉末。

使用粉末涂料是否需要特殊 MDF?

粉末涂料不需要特殊 MDF–尽管现有 MDF 的质量和类型之间存在差异。

我们建议在制造产品前评估您打算使用的 MDF 类型。

此外,我们建议将其储存在恒温恒湿区域以控制 MDF 的水分含量。

用于金属粉末涂层的烘箱是否也适合固化 MDF?

大多数传统固化烘箱都是对流烘箱。使用红外辐射 (IR) 烘箱可以获得 MDF固化的最佳效果。

使用 IR 烘箱,MDF 的表面可以快速加热来固化粉末涂层,同时其核心则保持相对较低的温度。

使用对流烘箱时,温度通常过高,或者由于达到固化温度所需的时间较长,导致MDF 的核心温度过高。

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