Recycling composites: Transformation of thermoplastic composite waste

Many production processes generate a certain amount of waste and off-spec materials containing precious carbon fibers. To avoid incineration and the loss of a valuable raw material, we’re looking into ways to recycle Maezio® composite waste. See how we transform composite waste into new injection molding compounds that can be produced with industry partners on an industrial scale.
Florian studied Material Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. He joined Bayer in 2005 as an engineer for mechanical simulations. He then took the technical project leadership of global automotive glazing and also led its marketing department. He joined Covestro Germany in 2017 as Global Market Development Manager for composites in the automotive industry.
Tim Hungerland holds a PhD in chemistry including transition-metal catalysis, and a Post-Doctorate from the ETH Zurich with a focus on polymer chemistry and material science. He joined Covestro in 2015 and now has the technical lead for new products based on recycled composite waste. He also leads materials development for improved thermal management with a cross-industry focus.