Blockchain technology: Tracing plastics in the value chain

Traceability of materials in the manufacturing value chain is vital for any industry aiming to reduce its carbon footprint. We are piloting blockchain-based material tracing to increase partner transparency and to support a circular economy. Several suppliers teamed up to create a digital twin thread to trace plastics through the value chain. Learn more about our cooperation with Circularise in blockchain technology!
A designer and innovator at heart, John Fox has worked in IT since 1996, with positions ranging from “solution architect” to “user-experience designer”. His skillset promotes communication between stakeholders to design, build and implement innovative solutions. At Covestro, he manages the development of digital material tracing capabilities; an enabling technology for industry as a whole.
Mesbah Sabur learned the value of hard work as an Afghan refugee in the Netherlands. His can-do attitude inspired the creation of the start-up Circularise four years ago. The aim: Using blockchain to create an open-source platform for sharing data across supply chains to make supply chains more transparent, starting with the plastics sector. This will enable companies to establish more circular production processes.