Mass balancing according to ISCC: Supporting easy drop-in solutions

Mass-balancing enables suppliers to easily integrate renewable materials into large-scale industrial installations. By offering easy drop-in solutions, customers can reduce their carbon footprint, save fossil resources, and enjoy fast implementation with consistently high quality. Learn how mass balancing is shaping the circular economy of tomorrow.
Jimena Ruesta holds a degree in Environmental Engineering and an MBA in Technology Management. She started her career at Bayer in 2005 as a project engineer. Today, Jimena is responsible for the business sustainability strategy for Engineering Plastics at Covestro, enabling our product portfolio to support customers in reaching their sustainability-related goals.

Dr. Peter Hawighorst is Program Manager at ISCC System GmbH. He studied agricultural sciences at the University of Bonn and holds a PhD in forest sciences. Having been a part of the initial team developing the ISCC PLUS scheme and its certification of bio-based and circular feedstocks and products, he focuses on sustainability certification and traceability along complex supply chains.