Aesthetic & circular design: Its impact on the chemical industry

Design will play a critical role in the transition from a linear to Circular Economy: A role that impacts all stages of RE-duce, RE-use, and RE-cycling. Designing longer-lasting products and enabling RE-use of components and products is necessary to reduce waste, optimize recycling and keep materials in the loop. Circular thinking needs to be incorporated into every stage of the product’s life cycle. Therefore, the right design approach is a must. The implementation of circular design strategies requires a good blend of aesthetic and sustainable design and material selection.

Watch our talk about circular design and learn how design impacts circularity!

Our speakers

Chris Lefteri is an internationally recognized authority on materials and their use in design. His books include Materials for Design (2014) and six other titles in the Materials for Inspirational Design series. His studio, Chris Lefteri Design, works with multiple Fortune 100 companies and is one of the leading names in materials & Color Material Finish (CMF).
Emily Shi holds an MFA from Japan Joshibi University of Art and Design, majoring in Color Study. At Covestro, she is responsible for Color, Material and Finish (CMF) trends for the electrics & electronics, mobility and healthcare industries. In addition to defining a functional value of materials, Emily and her team are also leading the development of more sustainable colors.
Yvonne Qian is Marketing Manager of Sustainability Solutions in the Engineering Plastics segment at Covestro. She’s passionate about driving the circular transformation through more sustainable material solutions. She's also a strong advocate of design for circularity, promoting circular design strategies that keep products and materials in use for as long as possible and facilitate recycling.