IMDS 是由惠普维护的外部数据库,此数据库保存并管理车辆制造使用的材料或部件。IMDS 由 EDS(现在隶属惠普)、奥迪、宝马、戴姆勒、福特、欧宝、保时捷、大众和沃尔沃联合开发。 自此,其他公司也纷纷加入此数据库。

我们将尽快处理您的 IMDS 申请。我们不会处理不完整的申请。因此,请将联系表填写完整。标有*的字段为必填字段。检验证书和包装上标有产品名称和品级、后缀和色彩编号。对于非科思创生产的产品,我们不能发送任何确认,或签发 IMDS 数据表,希望您能理解。


IMDS Company ID Tooltip
IMDS company IDs have 3 to 6 digits. Please do not submit login data.


Product Name and Grade Tooltip
Full product designation, such as Bayblend T85 XF, Desmopan DP 3070 AU, Makrolon 2407, Makrofol DE 1-4. This information is provided on the inspection certificate.
Color Number Tooltip
Examples: 000000, 550115 or 901510. Generic names („clear“, „black“), RAL numbers or any other individual color names cannot be used.
Special Charateristics Tooltip
Product modifications, marked by a suffix such as BBS910 or MAS048 positioned after the color number. Please check the inspection certificate (product name). If not applicable, please enter “-“.
Internal Material or Article Number Tooltip
Optional entry. Cannot be added or changed once the IMDS datasheet is accepted. Not to be used for part numbers.
Other Tooltip
For all additional information.

* 必填字段