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Next-gen production-grade carbon fiber car seats

Covestro, SAIC Group and Tiancheng Controls have jointly designed a new generation of thin, light and strong carbon fiber car seats. Covestro provides material solutions, computer-enhanced engineering to optimize the design and processing solutions.

Creating thinner, stronger, greener car seats

In the future, cars will be a multi-functional mobile space that syncs life and work, is more comfortable, spacious and a safer interior will become increasingly important. Being one of the biggest interior components, car seats still require a lot more optimization. Ensuring safety while keeping the frame structure light has become a main focus of major car seat manufacturers.

SAIC is committed to leading green travel with innovative technologies to create a safer, more comfortable, and sustainable travel experience. This car seat created together with Covestro and TianCheng meets the general trend of the industry with advantages in sustainability and interior space.

Peng Yuehua

Director of Interior and Exterior, SAIC


Exploring lightweight solutions

Using lightweight materials that are strong, easy to process, and cost less to transport can help the automotive industry optimize production processes, improve product performance, and reduce production costs. In addition, driven by the concept of green travel and the "dual carbon "goal, the automotive industry has an increase in demand for low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials.

As vehicles become more intelligent and lighter, the industry is turning its focus on the research of using carbon fiber composites for car seats. As a leader in carbon fiber seats, TianCheng is pleased to work with SAIC and Covestro to bring more possibilities for the lightweight development of industry.

Wu Kongyin

Senior Manager, TianCheng Controls


Maezio® composites for sustainability

Compared with traditional thermoset composites, Covestro Maezio® allows processing in 10 minutes with superior performance and a longer life-cycle. It is easy to transport and store and does not require an ultra-low-temp environment.

Without metal skeletons, the backrest of the seat can be up to 1-2 kg lighter and 5%-41% thinner.

The seat’s surface incorporates the use of Maezio® and with up to 40% recyclable materials, effectively reducing carbon emissions and contributing to sustainability.

Compared to traditional materials, Maezio® CFRTP delivers high recyclability, high production efficiency, light weight and durability. Covestro will continue to be customer-centric, providing high-performance, low-carbon solutions for product innovation and industry sustainability.

Shi Yao

Head of marketing for CM, EP. Covestro

Key Benefits

  • More Low carbon footprint Seats are recyclable at the end of the product’s life-cycle
  • Quick processing Hybrid injection molding shortens the entire processing cycle within 10 minutes
  • Easy to transport & store Low storage requirements, suitable for long-distance, high-volume transportation
  • Long life-cycle Much longer life-cycle than that of thermoset composites.
  • More interior space Carbon fiber back panels are 5% to 41% thinner than conventional seats

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