Maezio® composites inspire a new level of design for a contemporary chair

The chair is the most-commonly used and celebrated object of design. For many designers and architects, a single chair can be their masterpiece. With our Maezio® continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composites, we’re helping uncover new possibilities for form and function.
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Unlocking new possibilities for form and function: Maezio® continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) composites.

Made with Maezio®: Visual appeal for a beautiful, natural appearance

Maezio® unlocks a new level of visual appeal for a beautiful chair. Featuring these composites, the prototype perfectly balances an aesthetic, natural design with a visible fiber structure as well as mechanical design thinking and requirements for load transfer in different directions of the design space. This material provides unique appearances as well as high-quality surface effects that aren’t easily achieved using other composite materials.

Maezio® also offers lightweight performance and is fast at scale for mass production. A highly tunable design and mechanics with customized layers and fiber directions translate into new design freedom. Better yet, it can be reused and recycled for a sustainable material solution.

An archetype of design, chairs can be symbolically rich—seen as little manifestos of larger ideas and act as a form of storytelling. The right materials can push the boundaries even further, taking this object from common to unconventional.

We’re arming designers with a new material for their toolbox: Maezio® CFRTP composites. These advanced, lightweight composites aren’t well-known by designers, so it’s important for them to understand their full potential. What better way to express the material and its key properties than through a design object?

Through our unique chair design, we’re showing designers what new aesthetic and mechanical design possibilities lie ahead with Maezio® CFRTP composites

Arne Boettcher

Market development manager for Maezio® composites, Covestro.

A different way of design

Designers, by nature, view their work through a different lens. They are inspired by materials that allow them to design in fresh and innovative ways. Maezio® CFRTP composites have opened the door to creative freedom and new ways of thinking. With this material, they can also explore different colors and presentations while keeping its natural look.

Our chair prototype is a clear and natural design language that exemplifies Maezio® and showcases how it can be used to create products. “Maezio® unidirectional tapes are combined at different angles to form sheets with anisotropic lightweight properties. They come to life through three chair components—the chair seat, back and arms—that represent the three different directions of mechanical design,” says Thorsten Frackenpohl, the managing partner of Noto.“ Here, aesthetic design thinking, mechanical design thinking and the superior stiffness and strength of Maezio® all come together, made possible by the material’s tunable fiber orientation.”

In addition to highlighting the aesthetic power of Maezio®, the chair design demonstrates new possibilities for the furniture industry through large-scale applications, for example, mass production by thermoforming, back injection molding and assembly.

  • Maezio® is mechanically strong while offering lightweight performance.
  • Maezio® features unique fiber and layer structures that offer new design freedom.
  • Maezio® enables a natural design and highly tunable mechanics.
  • Maezio® can be reused and recycled, making it a sustainable material solution.

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