Enabling Recycling

As a pioneer of the Circular Economy, we want to promote plastic recycling. That’s why we rely on a vary of efficient recycling technologies, such as chemolysis or smart pyrolysis, that will deliver solutions for all our materials, even the challenging ones.

Driving circularity together

Becoming fully circular and reaching one’s sustainability goals requires advanced recycling technology. Further, we need to broaden the scope of recycling to re-use different waste streams, as well as bold initiatives to close the material loop. For us this includes circular design, which means moving beyond traditional linear thinking to consider the product’s end-of-life scenario even during the design phase.

Together with our partners, we’re exploring new business models and ensuring that materials can be recycled and re-enter the value cycle . That is how we are proving that the path towards circularity can be straight forward and easy for all of us. 

Virtual Sample Library

Get inspired and discover material solutions in our virtual sample library–anywhere, anytime.

Get inspired

Topics that keep pushing us forward.

We want to foster more cooperation between the brightest minds to find the most promising ways ahead. Discover our approach to a brighter future and explore our vision of becoming fully circular. We also look forward to your perspective–share it with us!


    Smart Designs

    Digitalization and Open Innovation enable us to connect expertise and develop new products and solutions in the push towards a Circular Economy.


    Sustainable Living

    Discover exciting examples on how we can make living more sustainable without compromising on design properties and material performance.



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