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Sandy: "Texture is so important for many products these days. My grainy feel helps designers and convertors give all kinds of packaging – especially for food – a 'real' touch that consumers absolutely love."
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If it's texture you need, Skins® Sandy can provide. From super fine to super gritty, without the usual fuss. She can add a new dimension to all kinds of paper, board and flexible packaging applications. She's also hardwearing thanks to excellent rub and water resistance. She brings a great tactile experience that's easy to apply – no paddling necessary.  

Sandy is easy to formulate and suitable for multiple substrates and printing techniques. 

With its waterborne resin, Sandy is sustainable, free from residual VOCs, and FDA/FCC/Swiss Ordinance compliant, so it's perfect for food packaging. 

"When you grab a bottle, all you normally feel is smooth, cold glass. I like to bring a bit more texture to the party and give people something to remember!"

Sandy's inspiration

Easy to apply & keep clean

Skins® Sandy is easy to work with. It can be easily applied using conventional flexo or gravure systems and equipment. Sandy is easy to clean once applied and has good in-can stability. 

Print performance 

Sandy can be applied to multiple substrates, paper, PE, BOPP, aluminum, and PET. It can also be applied using multiple printing techniques, such as 1K and 2K. 


Sandy is an easy-to-formulate stable varnish with a top coat process, so no fillers and no paddling or dusting. 

Skins® Sandy can make the difference for your next packaging project. 

Skins® Sandy will fit in with your existing production processes and gives you outstanding performance in terms of look-and-feel. She also has good shelf stability, making her easy to store. 

Technical specifications

Available in material/package/print types

  • Paper, books, brochures and labels
  • Packaging laminate (non-food)
  • Packaging varnish
  • Wine & spirits
  • Luxury packaging
  • Cardboard & corrugated packaging
  • Ambient temperature foods
  • Indirect food contact compliance – statements available upon request

Available in application/handling process

  • Flexo
  • Forward & reverse gravure
  • Roller coating
  • Spray coating

Available in after effects

  • Glueable
  • Stapleable
  • Printable
  • Folding
  • Hot stamping
  • Glossy accents on matt backgrounds

Layer thickness

  • 2 - 4 gsm dry

Skins® Sandy Expertise

Learn more about her technical skills by downloading her resume. 

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Skins® Sandy Expertise

Skins® Sandy is versatile with a huge salability potential. Her broad food contact compliance makes her ideal for food products including biscuit wrappers, bottle wrappers or spaghetti packaging. She's equally at home on non-food packaging such as swimwear products (for the feel of the beach). Find out more about her technical skills by downloading her resume. 

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