LED lighting solutions – tailoring polycarbonate products for innovation

Makrolon® polycarbonates enable the manufacturing of energy-efficient optical parts for LED luminaires. Whether for diffusors or reflectors in luminaires, thermo-conductive heatsinks, ultra-transparent lenses, or light blocking components – our portfolio offers you a building block for lighting innovations.
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High-performance polycarbonate for applications in diverse industries.

Key benefits

  • Specialized: Individual materials for a wide variety of applications in optics, lenses, and luminaires
  • Glass-like transparency: Highest light transmission capability, more design freedom, and much lighter than glass.
  • Long-term stable:  Optimized products for exposure over long periods (significantly reduced "yellowing").
  • Ultra-tough:  Strong Impact and break-resistance even at low temperatures.
  • Ease of use: Excellent processing properties due to individual products for injection molding and extrusion.

Our wide range of Makrolon® products meets the needs of luminaire manufacturers when it comes to creating energy-efficient lighting solutions that are both sustainable and effective. 

Depending on the application, this requires high lumen efficiency per watt, light guiding or thermal conductive properties, flame retardancy, or a multifunctional design.

The Covestro portfolio includes transparent, translucent, reflective white, light blocking, thermal conductive, and flame-retardant grades:

  • Makrolon® LED: Upmost transmission (> 90%) to improve efficacy for transparent luminaire covers, lenses, light guides, or other optics.
  • Makrolon® DQ: Three levels of translucency with maximum transmission, offering individually suitable opacity for your luminaires
  • Makrolon® RW: Ideal surface for reflectors in aesthetic white with up to 97% diffuse reflection in all directions. Easy for the eyes without glare and available as a light-blocking variant to avoid light leakage.
  • Makrolon® TC: Maximized thermal conductivity for plastic solutions, enabling the replacement of metals in heat sinks with less weight, more design freedom, and energy-efficient production.
  • Makrolon® FR: Flame retardant variants of LED, DQ, RW, and TC products for high demands on light and safety. Options available for the highest requirements in train or other mass transportation means.

Use our LED Product Finder for detailed information on the individual products in these categories or contact our experts.

Sustainability is a central aspect of Covestro's strategy. Our polycarbonate solutions for lighting applications enable energy-efficient and long-term stable systems with significantly lower weight than glass or aluminum products. In addition, alongside fossil-based production, our core products are also available as Makrolon® RE grades. These are manufactured using raw materials from mass-balanced biowaste and residual materials, as well as renewable energy, and enable significant CO2 savings. Choose for yourself!


Build your individual lighting solution with our LED Product Finder 

Makrolon® polycarbonates offer a great deal of diverse lighting solutions for more efficiency and design freedom. Take a deep dive into our efficient and sustainable lighting portfolio to learn more about our transparent, diffuse quality, reflective white, thermal conductive, and flame-retardant products. Choose the polycarbonate category in which you are interested in and find out which Makrolon® grades we offer.

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