Better auto part design with light, heat-resistant Apec®

GERHARDI wanted to explore using a new material to enhance the design and functionality of a concept car tailpipe trim. To achieve this, it needed an extremely heat-resistant, durable, and lighter-than-steel alternative. Our Apec® 150 PG high-heat PC+ABS blend resin was just what GERHARDI was looking for.
Using lighter material enables reduction of vehicle weight, lower production costs and expanded design possibilities. But it only works if there is a light material available that can withstand high and sustained heat. It was our job to recommend one to GERHARDI

Show us a design-friendly alternative to steel

GERHARDI set out to see if it was possible to replace traditional metal car exhaust tailpipe trim with a thermoplastic blend, creating the first concept part of its kind. They wanted a thermoplastic that would look and perform like metal but that would be lighter and offer more design freedom.

Our Apec® resin answered GERHARDI’s innovative design

We developed our Apec® 150 PG high-heat resin with GERHARDI as a more design friendly, lighter alternative to steel for their exhaust trim design. Apec® is the first high-heat PC+ABS blend resin suitable for electroplating. The material also provides Class-A surfaces tough enough to withstand typical road conditions and high exhaust-system temperatures. Plus, it offers greater design freedom, including the ability to incorporate ambient lighting.

Why Apec® high-heat resin was the right solution for the GERHARDI tailpipe trim

  • Light & strong: Offers a lighter alternative to steel.
  • Innovative: It’s the first high-heat PC+ABS blend resin for electroplating applications.
  • Impact resistant: Handles the wear and tear of typical road conditions.
  • Design friendly: Achieve distinctive shapes with a durable Class-A surface.
  • Amorphous: Has no internal crystalline structure.

Introduce GERHARDI to a material that can take the heat

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