UV/Energy curable: Sustainability meets increased efficiency

Coating systems based on UV-curable polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are in global demand due to their fast processing speeds, outstanding property profiles and environmental sustainability. Our range of UV waterborne polyurethane raw materials meets the requirements of multiple applications.
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Versatile PU dispersions for eco-friendlier, low VOC coatings and adhesives
UV-cure coating systems are a fast-growing segment in the coatings industry that rely on the split-second polymerization of coatings or adhesives, triggered by energy from UV light or an electron beam. This ultra-efficient coating technology has increased productivity in industrial applications, and is a preferred solution for combining high quality and cost control. Our Bayhydrol® UV dispersions require low to no solvents and contribute to sustainable coating solutions. These waterborne coatings for UV-cure systems emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) and offer comparable properties to solventborne PU coatings. In addition, UV waterborne coatings can be applied with conventional coating equipment, a fact that has contributed to the growth of these systems in the marketplace.

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On-site UV technology: Rapid curing for a faster return to service

Fast return to service is a key factor in many projects. UV-curable PUDs such as Bayhydrol® UV enable rapid on-site curing with a portable UV lamp. Two to three coating layers can be applied in a single day and the coating system is ready for sanding immediately after curing. From start to finish, this technology is three times faster than conventional one-component (1K) and two-component (2K) coating systems. After the last topcoat is applied and cured, floors are ready for regular traffic, without further downtime, which results in significant savings in time and costs. Diverse substrates ranging from plastics to wood and concrete can benefit from site-applied, UV-curable resins. Our UV PUDs are excellent, versatile binders that offer sufficient flexibility when formulating low-VOC coatings. Additionally, UV-curable paint conforms with the German VOC regulation (AgBB) on indoor emissions from construction products.

PUDs for UV coatings satisfy technical and environmental requirements

Formulators need to address increasingly stringent environmental regulations for low VOC levels while ensuring the required performance. PUDs for polyurethane coatings deliver on both counts. Our UV-curable waterborne PUDs can be used to address multiple formulating requirements, including:
• Low solvent content
• Low odor
• Low viscosity at high molecular weights
• Superior polyurethane performance
• Superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates

Further advantages of PUDs for polyurethane coatings are rapid curing after UV radiation, easy spray application and easier matting compared to 100 percent solid, UV-curable coatings. Waterborne UV-curable PUDs may also be applied on substrates such as plastics, wood and resilient PVC flooring. Our Bayhydrol® UV PUD line is based on urethane acrylate polymers dispersed in water. The crosslinked polyurethane-acrylate polymer yields excellent physical and chemical properties in the resulting UV coating.
Thanks to their well-rounded property profiles and numerous practical advantages, waterborne UV coatings continue to be in high demand worldwide.

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