Sun protection: Too important to risk using anything but the best materials

Our Baycusan® sun protection ingredients range includes water-based and alcohol-based film formers that are biodegradable, water-, rub off- and sweat- resistant, and leave a soft velvety feel on the skin.

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Sustainable & high-performing polymers for cosmetics

Key Benefits

  • Eco-friendly: Biodegradable ingredients are not persistent in the environment.
  • Long lasting: Has outstanding water-, sweat-, and rub-off resistance and selectively boosts SPF.
  • Easy-to-formulate:  Compatible with a broad range of cosmetic ingredients; no neutralization required.
  • High comfort: Non-greasy with excellent sensory after-feel on the skin.
We offer an eco-friendly line of polyurethane film formers that are most suitable for formulating environmentally safe, sustainable sun care products with high performance. The materials provide the following features:
-    Durable – are water, rub-off and sweat resistant
-    Aesthetically pleasing – give skin a soft, velvety look and feel
-    Safe - have an excellent toxicological profile and are non-irritant
-    Not persistent in the environment – according to recent results of the biodegradability study, OECD 301 and 302
-    Proven in-vivo results on selective SPF boosting their effect in finished formulations

Face sunscreens: Superior protection for sensitive skin

Baycusan® C 1000 is ideally suited to products for sensitive skin because it enables the creation of sun care products with low levels of allergenic agents - such as UV filters and emulsifiers - while maintaining the highest levels of sun protection and water resistance. Suitable for emulsion-based systems.

Sport sunscreens: Advanced sun protection for athletes

Baycusan® C 2000 enables advanced formulations of transparent sport sun care products that offer high UV protection, excellent (salt)water and sweat resistance, a dry-touch feeling, and a clear application on even wet skin. Suitable for (hydro)alcoholic-based, oil-based systems.

Water-resistant sunscreens: Beach-friendly sun care protection

Baycusan® C 1004 enables high-quality emulsions to be formulated with excellent water resistance, sand resistance, and rub-off resistance properties. Suitable for emulsion systems, these Sun care formulations are easy-to-apply, fast-absorbing and feel pleasant on the skin.
Baycusan® C 2000 film former for invisible & convenient sun care protection

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