Unlocking long-lasting & more natural makeup with Baycusan® eco E 1001

The development of modern makeup is becoming increasingly challenging as consumers require products that guarantee long-lasting performance and showcase a high level of plant-based ingredients. Our new naturally derived Baycusan® eco E 1001 film former can help tackle this challenge for formulators.
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Increasing plant-based ingredients in makeup formulations

Makeup is supposed to highlight beauty – ideally all day long. To guarantee this, synthetic film formers like our renowned Baycusan® types are crucial ingredients for cosmetic formulas. However, consumers are looking for more than traditional makeup formulas have to offer: Nowadays, they increasingly ask for more natural ingredients, which puts cosmetics formulators under pressure.
Our new partially bio-based film former, Baycusan® eco E1001, can be the solution to help formulators overcome this challenge. The unique chemistry of the liquid polyurethane polymers allows the introduction of a high amount of renewable materials into the new polymers without losing any of the key benefits of synthetic polymers.
With a natural content above 50 percent, Baycusan® eco E 1001 fulfills the bio-based content criteria of a naturally-derived ingredient according to the current definition of the ISO 16128 norm. In parallel, it demonstrates must-have long-lasting properties for makeup formulations. 
In other words: Baycusan® eco E 1001 enables formulators to increase the content of natural ingredients and to keep up with properties offered by traditional synthetic formulas, such as water-resistance, rub-off resistance and anti-smudge. 

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Long-lasting makeup all day long

We observe that natural makeup formulations tend to lack the aforementioned performance properties. This might lead to undesired effects, such as makeup products smudging or transfering onto textiles. Baycusan® eco ensures waterproof, water-, sweat-, rub-off resistant formulas that do not smudge or transfer. It therefore presents a much-needed solution for makeup formulators who seek to explore innovations in color cosmetics and combine the best of both worlds: enhanced naturality in formulations as well as state-of-the-art performance properties.

Watch this short clip and discover how to formulate a natural & long-wear W/O foundation with Baycusan® eco E 1001:

With more than 50% bio-based content, our new Baycusan® eco E1001 not only enables to increase the content of natural ingredients in traditional makeup formula.
At the same time, it keeps the long-lasting properties of synthetic film formers such as such as water-resistance, rub-off resistance and anti-smudge

Dr. Sophie Viala

Global Head Business Development

Key Benefits

  • Naturally-derived: Fulfills criteria of a naturally-derived ingredient according to ISO 16128 norm
  • Bio-based: With over 50% bio-based content, the proportion of natural ingredients in makeup formulations is increased
  • Long-lasting: Waterproof, water-, sweat-, rub-off resistance, anti-smudge, non-transfer

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