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Makrolon® LED5302 for lenses in explosion-proof lighting

Covestro worked with R. Stahl, a global provider of safety technology for hazardous workplaces and areas, to cast lenses for explosion-proof lighting using Makrolon® LED5302 transparent polycarbonate. The lamps meet EU ATEX directive Zone 1/21 and 2/22 for industrial settings where explosive atmospheres or dusts could be present during normal operations.
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Lens material for lighting in hazardous industrial settings

Where explosive atmospheres can occur, for example on oil platforms, in refineries and in chemical plants, the risk of explosion is high. R. STAHL is a German trendsetter in field safety technology for hazardous areas. They were searching for a lens material for luminaires to meet the Zone 1/21 and 2/22 requirements according to the European ATEX directive for areas where a hazardous mixture of air with gas, vapors or dust presents a potential risk. 

Combine impact strength and transparency with a low degree of yellowing

Beyond meeting the stringent European explosion impact requirements for hazardous industrial settings, R. STAHL’s challenge was to find a single optical material solution for LED safety lighting that could be used worldwide. The selected material offered transparent light focusing optics with no yellowing at high temperatures between 60°C and 85°C, because yellowing over time reduces light transmission.

Makrolon® LED5302 unites impact safety and high transparency

Using innovative encapsulation technology, Covestro and R. STAHL manufactured an explosion-proof LED lamp certified for use in ATEX Zones 1/21 and 2/22 with Makrolon® LED5302 polycarbonate as the material solution. The material passed extensive safety testing for mechanical strength, and it enables high transmission and optical purity thanks to its low yellowing during long-term use at high temperatures. Makrolon® solutions have provided excellent solutions for decades and are enabling tomorrow’s lighting innovations.

Our partnership with Covestro has a long history. We’re excited to discover Makrolon® LED5302 as a better material for our optical polycarbonate solutions. With this innovative solution we can confidently ensure a high light output throughout the luminaire service life in our new compact headlight series.

Steffen Holtz

Head of R&D Lighting and Signaling Devices,R. STAHL

Excellent material solution for explosion-proof lighting

  • High transparency Makrolon® LED5302 has a low degree of yellowing over time, retaining high transmission.
  • Impact resistance Meets ATEX Zone 1/21 an 2/22 norms for explosion resistance in hazardous settings
  • Light and heat stability  The optical material has high purity to postpone yellowing

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