Covestro on-site at K 2022

K 2022 has been exciting: There was so much happening at this year's exhibition! And Covestro had its fair share in that. Through our extensive booth concept you were able to explore the topics Covestro is working on in detail and craft connections with experts on the spot.
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Let’s meet and connect

The Covestro booth gave you the opportunity to easily navigate through the ideas and solutions Covestro has developed in fields like Circular Economy, Smart Designs, Sustainable Living, and Electrification – with our distinctive color code working as your guide through the product portfolio.
Feel free to access our booth digitally via the interactive floorplan.

Experiencing samples and materials

Visual highlights like our motion design of different materials as well as the digital link to the product world of Covestro, invited you to dive deeper into the sample library on-site – which you can still access online:

Exploring this year’s motto for real

The way ahead, its chances and challenges, will be a matter of joining forces and contributing your effort to a „bigger picture“, more than ever. Our booth stood as a testimonial to this: Combining perspectives, skills and craftsmanship, we, together with our partners and colleagues, had been able to meet the challenges associated with the Corona pandemic and its implications for communication and organization.
We had done so by applying a holistic approach that extended the K 2022 trade show appearance into an integrated campaign across various communication channels. And we were more than happy about everyone being interested in bringing their own part to this joint effort – to  craft connections together, live and on-site!

Virtual Sample Library

Get inspired and discover material solutions in our virtual sample library–anywhere, anytime.

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