Future inside: CFRTP unlock new opportunities in mobility

The automotive industry faces major changes due to autonomous driving. An innovative solution to match the requirements of light weight and multi-functionality was created in a partnership of three – based on Maezio® thermoplastic composites.
Multifunctional interior design

Find new materials for multi-functional car interiors

Autonomous driving and car sharing will transform the interior of automobiles into a living and working space. This calls for innovative material solutions to meet the multi-functional and mobile needs of a new passenger generation. The car of the future will be a space to live and work in while in motion, so flexible assets are needed.

Design of a lightweight durable table with high aesthetics

Working with Engel Austria and Dr. Schneider, Covestro sought to create a full-size table that can be stowed away just like an ultrabook. The result fulfills the drastically increased requirements in mechanical performance while significantly reducing the thickness compared to the existing solution.
Covestro handled the component design, Dr. Schneider created a tool with a variothermal temperature control for composite forming, and Engel provided the processing equipment and know-how.

The special thing with this solution and the collaboration together with Dr. Schneider and Covestro was that we are dealing with a new material which has superior surface quality.

Dr. Nobert Müller

Head of Center for Lightweight Composite Technologies,Engel Austria GmbH


Thermoplastic composites meet mechanical requirements

The table is made with Maezio® continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP), which enable a thin yet highly stiff design with superior surface quality while taking up little space.. 41 cm long and 32 cm wide, the table’s thickness varies from 5 mm at the outer edge to 10 mm on the inside. The top and bottom each consist of a 1 mm layer of Maezio® polycarbonate composites reinforced with continuous carbon fibers. With a weight of just 690 g, the table can bear a load in excess of 50kg.

The solution we were able to find together with Covestro is enabling us to make lightweight construction visible with extreme stiffness.

Axel Bauer

Developer Tool Technology in Preproduction,Dr. Schneider Unternehmensgruppe

Maezio® thermoplastic composites for innovative car interiors

  • Lightweight: Ultra-thin yet mechanically robust design
  • Stylish: High aesthetic value and surface quality
  • Versatile: Incorporates structural properties with aesthetic design

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