Sustainable TPU solutions: TPU as a driving force for more circularity

Traceability of materials in the manufacturing value chain is vital for any industry aiming to reduce its carbon footprint. We are piloting blockchain-based material tracing to increase partner transparency and to support a circular economy. Several suppliers teamed up to create a digital twin thread to trace plastics through the value chain. Learn more about our cooperation with Circularise in blockchain technology!
Rocío de la Cruz García holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences, a Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility, and a Global Executive MBA from INSEAD. She has worked in sustainability for 13 years, with experience in auditing, consulting and the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. She joined Covestro in 2015 and is now Global Venture Manager for TPU in the Circular Economy.
Mark Scheller holds Bachelor´s degrees in Foreman for Logistics (CCI), Production Controller (REFA) and Technical Business Economist (CCI). 30 years of professional experience in production, particularly the extrusion and conversion of thermoplastics, and supply chain management enable him to help customers to find the right TPU since joining the Covestro TPU unit in 2016 as Business Development Manager.
Clément Affholder is Innovation Manager at Vaude Sport, working on materials and plastic engineering. After obtaining a Master’s degree in materials science from the University of Lille, during which he gathered a background in polymer science and composites, he joined Vaude to help develop innovative and environmentally friendly materials. Outside the office, Clément likes to test Vaude gear in the nearby Alps.