• Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Desmopan 3055D - DPS066

injection molding grade; with high mechanical strength for articles subject to wear; excellent abrasion resistance; good wear resistance; Rollers; Ear-tags; Technical parts

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Product Types

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Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Cold-flexibility, Wear resistant, Chemical resistant, Abrasion resistant, Scratch resistant, Tear resistant

General Characterization

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Storage Conditions

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Packaging Type

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Technical Properties & Datasheets

Property Name Standard Test condition Unit Value
射出成形-溶融温度 - °C 225 - 245
射出成形-金型温度 - °C 40 - 60
Property Name Standard Test condition Unit Value
Compression set DIN ISO 815-1, Method A 24 h; 70 °C % 47
Compression set DIN ISO 815-1 72 h; 23 °C % 31
Rebound resilience ISO 4662 % 47
Tear strength ISO 34-1 500 mm/min kN/m 153
ショア硬度A DIN ISO 7619-1 1s 97
ショア硬度D DIN ISO 7619-1 1s 55
強度 (300%伸び時) b.o. ISO 527-1,-3 200 mm/min MPa 37
耐摩耗性 ISO 4649 method A mm³ 30
Property Name Standard Test condition Unit Value
密度 ISO 1183-1 kg/m³ 1224


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
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