Desmodur® 0121

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General Characterization

Desmodur® 0121 is a monomeric diphenylmethane 4,4' diisocyanate (MDI) with a molecular weight of 250 [g/mol].
At room temperature the product takes the form of a white to pale yellow solid. It is used to produce polyurethanes, among other things.

Storage Conditions

Like all isocyanates, Desmodur® 0121 is sensitive to moisture and reacts with water to form insoluble urea derivatives and carbon dioxide. The generation of carbon dioxide in sealed containers can lead to a dangerous build-up of pressure.
Contact with air, especially if accompanied by simultaneous exposure to light, accelerates yellowing. It is therefore advisable to store liquid Desmodur® 0121 under dry nitrogen. Yellowing generally has no effect on the product's processing behaviour, however.
Desmodur® 0121 is sensitive to heat and likely to dimeriation. The solid product dimerises more rapidly at room temperature than the liquid product stored at 43 °C.
Crystallized Desmodur® 0121 should therefore be stored at temperatures below +5 °C and melted rapidly but gently before use. Although the rate of dimerisation decreases as the temperature drops, storage stability is still limited even at temperatures below + 5 °C.
Handling regulations, technical data relating to safety, advice on the transportation of liquids and on customer tank farms and suggestions for melting equipment are available from us on request.


Moisture access should be prevented when taking product samples.

Packaging Type

Desmodur® 0121 can be supplied as a liquid in ISO contianer, or can be supplied as a solidified block in large drums ( net weight 225 kg )

Technical Properties & Datasheets

Property Name Test Method Unit Value
Specific Heat (cp) kJ/kg*K approx. 1.39
Freezing point °C ≥ 38.4
Phenylisocyanate-content MDI-01-09 ppm ≤ 10
Heat of fusion J/g approx. 102
Purity ( mol. wt. 250 ) MDI-01-01 % by wt. ≥ 99.5
Viscosity at 40 °C mPa·s 4.1
NCO-content (theoretical) % by wt. 33.6
Density at 40 °C DIN 51757 g/cm³ 1.19

Property Name Test Method Unit Value
MDI-Dimer* MDI-01-08 % by wt. ≤ 0.1
2,4'-MDI Content MDI-01-06 % by wt. ≤ 1.8
Hydrolysable chlorine MDI-01-04 ppm ≤ 50


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
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