Baymer® SPRAY AL 800

The polyol component that forms, together with the isocyanate Desmodur 44 V20 L, a polyurethane system that is used to form a rigid foam of a free rise density of appox. 40 kg/m³ to be applied as a spray foam. The main use of this foam is the thermal insulation of buildings.

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General Characterization

Baymer® Spray AL 800 is a blend which contains polyols, catalyst and a blowing agent. The applied blowing agent does not deplete the ozonlayer (ODP=0). Together with isocyanate Desmodur® 44 V 20 L it reacts to form a rigid polyurethane foam.
The material is to be processed using an airless spray technique and is used as a thermal insulation material for buildings.
Applied in the correct manner, this foam has:
- An applied density of around 42 kg/m3
- Fire classification E according DIN EN13501-1:2007 +A12010
- Compressive strenght: > 200 kPa (CS (10/Y)200) according EN 826:2013
- Thermal resistance according EN 14315-1:2013:

Storage Conditions

Recommended storage temperature: 15 - 25ºC.
Storage stability: 3 months
Store the material in its original sealed packaging in a dry well ventilated area not exposed to direct sunlight and other weather conditions and in compliance with local safety regulations.


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Packaging Type

Baymer® Spray AL 800 is available in:
- Drums (225 kg)
- IBC (1000 kg)
- Carrier (>22000 kg)


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
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