Baydur® 60IK13 F

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General Characterization

Baydur® 60IK13 F is a polyol formulation which is reacted with Desmodur® 44P01 by the RIM method to produce mouldings in the 500 to 700 kg/m3 density range.
The mould-foamed, microcellular products of this reaction is Baydur 60.
The ready-to-use polyol formulations contains neither fillers nor CFCs.

Storage Conditions

Drums should be protected against strong sunlight and always kept sealed to protect the contents from moisture or damp air.
Shelf life from the date of delivery: 6 months
Storage temperature: 15 - 35°C
During the tank storage the product must be permanently stirred or recirculated.


Moisture access should be prevented when taking product samples.
The product must be homogenised before processing.

Packaging Type

Drums1), tank wagons, tank containers, or IBCs on request.
1) Drums must not be emptied under pressure, but either by means of a pump or siphon or by pouring.
This rules out processing direct from the drum under pressure.

Technical Properties & Datasheets

Property Name Test Method Unit Value
Viscosity mPa·s approx. 1400
Hydroxyl number calculated mg KOH/g approx. 480
Water content % approx. 0.8


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
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